10 Best Nintendo 3DS Action Games

It’s possible that the Nintendo 3DS didn’t live up to promises, but it still has some great, exciting action games.

When the Nintendo 3DS came out, it was the company’s fifth handheld game system. It was also the last handheld-only system they made before releasing the hybrid Switch platform. The 3DS, which came out in 2011 and had a 3D experience without glasses, continued Nintendo’s strategy of adding features that aren’t popular in games these days.

Later versions of the 3DS came out with different features, like the 3DS XL, which had a bigger screen. However, the 3DS was able to provide a collection of great games until the very end of its life. Some of the best action games ever made were only available for the Nintendo 3DS. If you like those kinds of games, you should check them out.


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