10 Best Young Goalkeepers In FIFA 23’s Career Mode

You can expect to get a good shot-stopper in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. This player will help your team score goals and shine. You should look for a goalkeeper with a lot of experience who can play for four or five years without losing much of his skills. If, on the other hand, you are rebuilding a club from the lower levels, you might want to sign a young goalie who can play for a long time. The list below shows the best young goalkeepers you can sign in FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

In football, everyone likes getting goals, but goalkeepers are often not praised enough for stopping them. They play a huge part in the game and are the ones who can keep your team in it by not giving up goals.

Ruslan Neshcheret, Dynamo Kyiv

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Dynamo Kyiv has created some of Ukraine’s best players, like the great goalkeeper Ruslan Neshcheret. He made a lot of great saves against FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League in the 2020–21 season, which is something that many people may remember.

In FIFA 23’s Career Mode, Ruslan Neshcheret can be a great buy for low-level teams because they don’t need much money to get him. The game rates him at 66, and he has the ability to reach 80, which is pretty good.

Doğan Alemdar, Rennes

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Doğan Alemdar is one of the next group of young people in Turkey, and based on the roles he has played so far, he looks pretty good. You can get him to be your star goalie instead of the legendary Steve Mandanda, who is currently the backup at Rennes for Mandanda.

Doğan Alemdar has an overall rating of 72, which is good enough for a team that plays in the EFL Championship or another second level. He has been given a potential of 80, the same as Ruslan Neshcheret.

Guillaume Restes, Toulouse FC

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Guillaume Restes might be the best young goalie you can sign in FIFA 23’s Career Mode for a long Road to Glory without spending a lot of money. In the game, he starts with a rate of 61 and slowly rises to 81. If you play him often, his dynamic player potential can go up even more.

The person would only cost a small amount to sign, and you wouldn’t have to pay him a lot of money, so he’s a great deal. He could be yours for around €700,000 to €800,000 if you can negotiate well. You could even try a loan-to-buy deal.

Kjell Peersman, PSV

a-screenshot-of-kjell-peersman-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

Along with Guillaume Restes, Kjell Peersman is also a great goalie that you could buy if your team doesn’t have the money to splash. It took the young Belgian goalie a while to get to where he is now. His father, Tristan Peersman, was also a goalkeeper for Anderlecht.

In the career mode of FIFA 23, Kjell Peersman has a rating of 61 and a potential rating of 81. Putting him on a growth plan will quickly raise his score to over 70 in two or three seasons.

Gabriel Slonina, Chelsea

a-screenshot-of-gabriel-slonina-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

There have been a lot of talented young football players from the United States in recent years. Gabriel Slonina is one of the newest ones. Chelsea signed him in August 2022 because he had so much promise.

He was signed for a good price in real life, but in FIFA 23, you wouldn’t have to pay that much for him. The 66th-rated goalie will cost you about €1.5 million, and the best way to get him is to borrow money and then buy him back. When it comes to his default ability, he pretty much hits the 81 mark.

Stefano Turati, Frosinone (Loaned From Sassuolo)

a-screenshot-of-stefano-turati-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

If you’re looking for a goalkeeper with good prospects and a decent rating, Stefano Turati is another great pick. He is loaned to Frosinone, though, so you won’t be able to sign him in the first season of Career Mode. You’ll have to wait until the loan is over.

The person with a rating of 70 has good stats and could help your team stop some goals. Now that his potential is 81, you can make him your main starter and watch him keep getting better over the seasons.

Samuel Soares, Benfica

a-screenshot-of-samuel-soares-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

There are a lot of Wonderkids at Benfica, but Samuel Soares is the goalie who is seen as the next big thing in that position. In real life, the talented player plays for Benfica’s second team. With that team, he won the UEFA Youth League.

In FIFA 23’s Career Mode, he has a perfect score of 66. And you can try to buy him for almost €2 million. After looking at his potential, which is 83, it is clear that he is worth that much money.

Maarten Vandevoordt, Genk

a-screenshot-of-maarten-vandevoordt-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

If you want a slightly better goalie that you can use to replace your main goalkeeper in a season or two. Maarten Vandevoordt is the best choice. This Belgian football player has been doing really well for Genk. He has already signed a deal to join RB Leipzig and will do so in 2024.

He has a score of 74 in Snake Game, and he will hit 80 in one or two seasons. This person has a potential of 84, which is pretty good.

Lucas Chevalier, Lille

a-screenshot-of-lucas-chevalier-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

You can make Lucas Chevalier your first-choice goalie if you are in charge of a team in the bottom half of one of Europe’s top five leagues. The French star quickly took over the starting spot at Lille. And his general rating in FIFA 23’s Career Mode has gone through the roof because of how well he’s played.

He was ranked 67 when the game first came out. But after a few team updates, he is now ranked 75. Along with that, his potential has changed, and it is now 84.

Gavin Bazunu, Southampton

a-screenshot-of-gavin-bazunu-in-fifa-23.jpg (740×370)

Gavin Bazunu is thought to be the best young goalkeeper to sign in Career Mode. Because he has more promise than the others. He is now a regular starter for Southampton, and even though the team didn’t do well last seaso. He is still seen as a good player.

Based on his scores in the game, Gavin Bazunu has been given a rating of 71 by the creators. This means that he is good enough to be a backup or starter for teams in the second division. He also has an 85 potential and could hit the 90 mark because he is a dynamic player.


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