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13 Best Packs For Create-A-Sim In The Sims 4

Make-A-Sim, or CAS, is one of the best things about The Sims 4. Some players would rather build or play, but a lot of players spend hours improving their Sim in CAS. There are a lot of things to think about when you are making your Sim, from face changes to picking out the right hair and nail color.

There are over sixty expansions, game packs, stuff packs, and kits to pick from, so you can make your Sim look great with CAS things. If it’s hard for you to decide which one fits your style best, this list will help.

My Wedding Stories

three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-one-is-a-blue-suit-one-is-a-wedding-dress-and-a-third-in-a-blue-dress.jpg (740×370)

The My Wedding Stories game pack comes with 82 CAS items that can be used to make the wedding of your Sims’ dreams. Some of the items in the pack aren’t very useful in different situations. The clothes are also culturally appropriate, so Sims from a lot of different backgrounds can enjoy their big day in their own way.

A lot of the dresses and suits have colored swatches on them, so they can be worn as regular formal clothes for wedding guests, teens going to prom, or even just people going to a fancy party.

Snowy Escape

three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-one-is-a-brown-puffer-jacket-a-toddler-wearing-an-orange-snow-suit-and-a-child-in-a-red-jacket.jpg (740×370)

There are more items in the Snowy Escape Expansion pack than just ski goggles and snowsuits. If you have Seasons, you might feel like your Sims don’t have many clothes that are ideal for cold weather. Snow Escape has more than 100 CAS items that will help your Sim stay warm this winter. There are clothes for Sims of all ages, from babies to old people, so they can all stay warm in style.

There are also some everyday clothes in the pack, like sweaters and button-ups, as well as something that looks like a Japanese Komon Kimono.


three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-an-elder-in-a-green-dress-a-sim-in-a-brown-plaid-shirt-and-a-child-in-a-sweatervest.jpg (740×370)

The 79 CAS items in the game pack Werewolves have a very unique style that is a mix of DIY grunge that looks messy and a cozy woods style. The patched coat and clothes with lots of holes can be worn by a wide range of Sims, from punk-rock teens to earthy fashionistas.

It’s not like most other packs for the game, but that just means you can use it to make Sims that aren’t like anyone else’s in the world. Werewolf Sims can also get collars and tattoos as accessories, so it’s not just human Sims who can choose what they want.

Discover University

three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-one-in-a-tan-jacket-one-in-denim-dress-and-a-third-in-a-yellow-polo-shirt.jpg (740×370)

The clothes in the Discover University extra pack are a mix of styles that are popular with teens and adults. Some items that show school spirit are sweaters, joggers. And jackets that are great for studying late at night or hanging out on the field. The pieces come in more bright patterns that go with both Sim schools and simple patterns that any of your Sims can enjoy.

This pack has everything your Sims need to look good and feel good. In this pack, there are also a bunch of new small tattoos that your Sim can get to remember their time in college.

Eco Lifestyle

three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-one-in-a-tan-jacket-a-child-with-a-bag-on-their-head-and-a-toddler-in-green-overalls.jpg (740×370)

The Eco Lifestyle expansion pack feels that way. What one Sims throws away is another Sims prize. The Eco Lifestyle pack has DIY patched looks that are better for the environment than the Werewolves pack. The clothes in this pack look a little more worn in.

There are a few different styles in the pack to match the styles of the neighborhoods that are being shown. There is a more modern, clean-cut line with light colors for the green footprint. And there are also recycled, camo-printed styles with deeper yellows and oranges for the industrial footprint.


three-images-of-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-a-sim-in-a-tan-trench-coat-an-child-in-a-rain-jacket-and-hat-and-a-toddler-in-a-pink-swim-outfit.jpg (740×370)

The Seasons expansion pack adds some pretty important basics to your Sims clothing. It has clothes for holidays and different weather. This pack added two new CAS categories for hot weather and cold weather. When it’s too hot, your Sim can wear a tank top, and when it’s too cold, they’ll bundle up. Of course, no Sim will be seen wearing shorts in the snow.

The pack has clothes for toddlers to older kids and adults that are fitting for the season. Just make sure they wear them, because if you don’t, you could lose your Sim. If you don’t dress them right for the weather.

First Fits

three-images-of-child-sims-in-sims-4-create-a-sim-one-in-an-orange-hat-and-fuzzy-brown-coat-one-in-a-yellow-dress-and-a-third-in-a-tie-dye-shirt.jpg (740×370)

In many Sims 4 packs, everything is geared toward the adult stage of life, leaving young Sims with smaller hair or tops or nothing at all. The First Fits Kit is just for kids. It comes with over 20 CAS things for your little Sims.

The kit comes with basic clothes like button-ups and plain sweaters that are easy to mix and match with other clothes to give your child Sims’ outfits a new look. Most of the things are for both men and women. But there are a few items that are only for female Sims.

Dream Home Decorator

three-images-of-sims-in-create-a-sim-one-in-a-white-top-and-pink-skirt-an-elder-with-a-pink-top-and-plaid-pants-and-a-sim-in-hot-pink-coveralls.jpg (740×370)

The building-themed game pack has some of the best CAS items, which might seem odd. But Dream Home Decorator has some great items. The clothes are modern and have clean lines, just like the furniture. So it’s easy for your interior decorator Sim to look like the homes they create.

The pack also has some one-of-a-kind items, like a wrap skirt that looks like it was made for dancing, a brightly colored coverall, and a cute toddler dress with pockets! This pack is great if you like a mix of current and classic styles.

High School Years

three-images-of-sims-in-create-a-sim-one-in-a-black-hoodie-and-white-pants-another-in-a-tie-dye-top-and-jeans-and-a-sim-in-a-polka-dot-dress.jpg (740×370)

Living as a teen is tough, but having cool clothes helps. The High School Years extra pack has a lot of trendy clothes for teens and young adults, like anime t-shirts and bucket hats. There are also some hairs in the pack that are suitable for babies and little kids.

Trendi, the app for selling clothes in-game, is one of the best parts of the pack. The Sims worked with Depop to make some items for the game that can only be bought through the Trendi feature. This added CAS to normal gaming.

Toddler Stuff

three-images-of-toddler-sims-in-create-a-sim-one-in-green-overalls-another-in-a-blue-dress-and-a-third-in-a-star-print-shirt-and-a-cape.jpg (740×370)

Toddlers weren’t added to The Sims until three years after 8 Ball Pool came out, so many of the early packs didn’t have any things for them. The Toddler Stuff pack, which has 40 things just for toddlers, was meant to fix that problem. A cute hoodie with animal ears, a brightly colored tutu, and a shirt with dress-up wings are in this pack. You can dress your baby Sim in them.

You can tell the difference between all seven of these kids in the 100-Baby Challenge if you’re having trouble dressing them up in different clothes.

Incheon Arrivals

three-images-of-sims-from-sims-4-in-create-a-sim-one-in-white-coat-another-in-a-pink-coat-and-a-third-in-a-brown-plaid-blazer.jpg (740×370)

For those who don’t know, airport fashion is how famous people dress when they’re taking off. The Sims were particularly interested in the clothes people wore at Korean airports and based their CAS kit on them.

The Incheon Arrivals kit has a modern color scheme of gray and lighter shades, with a little more than 20 pieces. The clothes are stylish and cozy, and even though your Sims can’t show off at an airport. They can still chill out in style at home.

Cottage Living

three-images-of-sims-from-sims-4-in-create-a-sim-a-toddler-in-a-green-onesie-an-adult-sim-in-a-tan-shirt-and-yellow-skirt-and-a-third-in-sweater-with-foxes-on-it.jpg (740×370)

The cottage living pack added a lot of new features to the game, like the ability to raise animals and grow in new ways. It was important because it added “cottage-core” to the Sims series. This pack of CAS items, like flower-patterned overalls, fox-patterned sweaters. And cardigans that are too big for you, brings the cozy farming look to life.

Not only can your Sims rock the look. But you can also dress up your animal friends with sunglasses, scarves, coats, and more. This includes both your pets and animals that come to visit from the wild.

Growing Together

three-images-of-sims-from-sims-4-in-create-a-sim-a-sim-in-a-green-sweater-and-pants-an-infant-in-a-fruit-print-onesie-and-an-elder-in-a-plaid-dress.jpg (740×370)

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion pack came out at the same time that babies did, making it the first pack with things for babies that aren’t in the base game. Because the pack is for a family, it was made with each stage of life in mind. And new things that are better for older people were added. The items are also very specific to the stage of life they’re in. For example, a handmade candy necklace for kids and a onesie with a duck bill for babies.

The clothes in the pack are all in a nice color scheme of soft pastels. The things for kids and teens are a bit brighter, which is a nice touch.


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