5 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades You Can Implement Today

Are you looking for eco-friendly home improvements this Christmas?

Creating more energy-efficient homes by investing in renewable energy solutions enables one to sustain the resources for a long. According to a fact,” 9 in 10 individuals wants to make their home more efficient and environmental-friendly in 2023.” The primary reason for this is- reducing liabilities over bills. Yes, it helps you save your bucks, too.

Thus, if you want to update your living room, door entrance, replace air conditioners, etc., why not seek an eco-friendly way? It is beneficial not only from a savings perspective but ROI as well. Some eco-friendly home improvements increase your house value by almost £13k each.

“How can I do that?”

You can boost the value of your home by going for improvements like-:

  • Double glazing
  • Biomass boiler installation
  • Insulating your home thoroughly
  • Adding skylights
  • Solar panels

And there are many more. So, if you want to make your home more energy efficient and improve its value, read ahead.

How to update your home in an eco-friendly way?

If undertaking a home renovation, prioritise sustainable solutions. From auditing your home’s existing efficiency to shopping sustainably, here are 8 steps that you can take:

1)     Switch to Eco-friendly home heating options

Heating makes a bigger impact in the UK than in any other country like the US. According to Energy Saving Trust, “Home heating accounts for at least 55% of the utility bill.” It is higher than the US, which consumes only 45% of the utility bill. Thus, one of the most popular ways to update your home in an eco-friendly way is by upgrading a furnace or a boiler.

Moreover, you can analyse the boiler efficiency by calculating Annual Fuel Utilisation Energy. An ideal (AFUE) scale from 90 to 98.5%.  Alternatively, AFUE around 50-60% signals low energy efficiency.

Another eco-friendly home heating option is- an air-source heat pump. It is ideal if transforming your home from an oil heating system. Moreover, it clears off or improves the indoor air quality.

2)     Use renewable wood for flooring

If your flooring reveals wear and tear, you must replace it. Seek environmentally friendly and budget-optimised solutions like wooden flooring. Most experts recommend wooden flooring because it does not warp and keeps your space elegant for long.

However, the installation should be perfect. It is the reason one must hire industry professionals to get the best and most desirable flooring look.

If you are oscillating between too many financial priorities ahead of Christmas and personal finances, check home improvement loans with bad credit approval. Precisely, these loans may help you get the right flooring on the first attempt at breaking the bank. Moreover, you can get better quotes even with poor credit history. You can use the existing savings for important aspects. The loans may assist you with remaining home improvement stuff. Do not worry. The payments never exceed the affordability. It means you can pay the loan within existing circumstances in instalments.

Degraded flooring may lead to other issues like discolouration, unpleasant odours, water damage or crowning from the edges. If you encounter any such signs, change them immediately.

3)     Invest in Solar panel installation

 If you want to save on electricity bills, solar panel installation is the best addition to the home. Solar panels, as the name symbolises, gain energy from the natural source of light- the sun. Thus, by switching to this eco-friendly update, you can reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

It is widely available and requires low maintenance as well.

You can even shift to Solar PV to empower household electrical appliances. Some appliances like ovens, mixers, and refrigerators consume the most electricity. By switching to the environmentally friendly way, you can reduce bills significantly.

You can use solar thermal power throughout the year. You can use it with the latest controls. For example, gas condensing modules or boilers limit energy consumption by 35%. It is possible to use it with central heating or hot water systems.

4)     Install low-flow toilet devices

You may not believe that around 89% of households’ toilets guzzle around 13l of water per flush. Precisely, you can save 40% water compared to regular models and appliances. One should switch to low-flow plumbing systems. They are more water efficient. You can consider a dual flush system for solid and liquid waste.

It helps you minimise the water guzzle and extreme water wastage. Moreover, you can improve the efficiency of showers and taps by adding low-flow governors. This low-flow device helps reduce water wastage from 9l per minute to 2l per minute.  Isn’t it great?

It also helps recycle water for the following consumption. It is also a great way to contribute to a green and healthy environment.

5)     Check possibilities of green roof construction

Green roofs are popular among commercial and residential properties alike. These offer benefits like contributing to biodiversity and improving air quality and internal temperatures.

A green roof absorbs all the heat from the sun and prevents it from reaching your windows. Thus, it keeps the indoors cool and comfortable. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly it provides much-needed insulation in winter.

While choosing materials for green room construction, choose lightweight materials requiring low maintenance. Lightweight does not imply compromise with quality. Instead, it is the best way to install green roofs affordably. You may spot the one with sebum, grass types, soil, and a wide selection of the best flowers, herbs and shrubs.

However, it is ideal to contact a green roof installation company to do it DIY. The reason is- the experts analyse the possibilities and dangers associated with green roof installation. Green roofs can be heavy, and hence, they must meet the structural guidelines. Thus, to avoid unpleasant circumstances, contact expert green roof installers and inspection companies.

If it requires you to extend a budget further, do not worry. Check financial equipment like bad credit and unsecured loans near you. It is ideal for individuals lacking a sound credit history. You can finance any need with consistent affordability proof. Thus, hire the experts and get the best green roof ditching worries.

Bottom line

These eco-friendly home updates help improve the air, lower carbon footprint and spruce up the house the better way. You can increase the overall property value by opting for the above eco-friendly home transformations. Whatever it is, every home has a distinct structure and government standards. Thus, for improvements like green roofs, contact experts.


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