6 Best Season Of The Witch Weapons In Destiny 2

New guns with a Lucent Hive theme are added to Destiny 2’s season 22. Here are the best things about each yearly weapon and how they rank.

In Destiny 2, Season of the Witch is now live. It is the third season of the year of Lightfall. This time, both weapons and armor have a Hive and Lucent Hive theme. The story is about Savathun and Xivu Arath and how they can help the Vanguard follow the Witness through the strange portal.

At the same time, players are back to gathering the newest items for the season. Like every year, the new seasonal guns have a brand-new Origin Trait called Head Rush. As soon as a player stands up after stooping for a short time, their guns handle and reload faster. It’s not the most useful Origin Trait in Destiny 2, but at least the weapons look a little better than they did last season. Once enough patterns are unlocked, all guns can be made and improved.


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