8 Best Team Members For Tingyun In Honkai: Star Rail

Tingyun is one of the best characters in the game, and if you’re lucky, you can get him. She is a Foxian woman with the Fire element and is the leader of the Whistling Flames guild. She is also a good support character who can make your allies’ moves stronger. Because of this, she works well with most tactics that use brute force to beat the enemy.

Who says gacha games aren’t as popular these days? You can play Honkai: Star Rail, an exciting turn-based role-playing game journey, as a Trailblazer through the universe. You can put together teams to fight other tough enemies. You have to buy some tickets to make your team bigger. You need help with some things!

Dan Heng

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Dan follows the Path of The Hunt because he feels like a monk who is alone and wants to get away from it. Because he is strong in wind, he can kill most of the big enemies you’ll face during the game. For most of the early game, he will be your main DPS partner.

80th level Because he can slow down enemies pretty well with this skill, Dan can do a lot of damage to a single enemy. He dives in with Cloud Piercer to deal a crushing blow with his Ultimate after lowering their SPD.


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Herta is one of the smartest people in the world of Honkai: Star Rail, so she knows how to make lasting, useful puppets that can do good damage once they reach a certain level. The dolls that belong to Herta can do AoE attacks that hurt more than one enemy at once.

She is an Ice elemental who follows the Erudition path. Her powers work well with those of Tingyun or Seele. Herta can do a lot of damage with her attacks, even when it’s not her turn. However, her damage rates aren’t very good without the right relics or Light Cones.


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Bronya is the daughter of the Supreme Guardian of Belabog. She is both smart and cute, especially when she has to fight her enemies. She is made of wind and follows the Path of The Harmony. In that case, she’s a good supporting character who can help you and your friends get extra turns.

When combined with Tingyun’s, her skills give the team more time to buff themselves or prepare a huge counterattack. With the Take By Surprise Ability, she can follow up any basic move on an enemy that is weak to Wind-based characters. She is also great at giving your friends SPD boosts.


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Sampo is sneaky when you first meet him, but he turns out to be a really good friend on the battlefield. With both his basic attack and Ultimate, Sampo can do a lot more damage to a single enemy than figures like Dan Heng.

If you put him up against a strong enemy, his destructive abilities will really shine because he takes the path of Nihility. He does Sheer damage with his strikes, and his Trace ability gives him 10 HP every time he uses his Ultimate.

Because he has a high DPS, he works well with other powerful characters like Tingyun, especially if you want to destroy the enemy’s troops.


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Bailu can do more than just fight. He can also heal. It can be tricky to play with her, but her skills can make things harder for the other player and give you enough time to win. She can bring a dead ally back to life once per fight.

Because she is made of lightning, Bailu can do basic harm much better than characters that heal, like Natasha. Her ultimate also improves her ability to heal in the middle of a fight. Even though she’s a great support character, a team needs the right kind of DPS heavyweights to round her out.


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This Underworld dweller is a great addition to any team because he or she is the main reason why Wildfire has been so successful. Her skills and damaging runs are nothing to be sniffed at. She is a member of The Hunt and does Quantum damage that slowly drains your enemy’s life.

During a fight, she can be a great support character or a monster with a lot of power. Seele’s Ultimate ability gives her 15 HP every time she uses it while the Fitting Phantasm Eidolon is unlocked. Her Nightshade Trace ability also makes it less likely that someone will target her when her HP is below 50%.

Seele is a high-tier character whose attacks can be improved in many ways. When paired with the right team, she can cause a lot of damage and kill many enemies during a fight. With the Techniques she has, she’s pretty much unstoppable.


honkai-star-rail-himeko-splash-and-menu.jpg (740×370)

A main attacker with pretty good follow-up strikes who can increase her own damage as the battle goes on. Himeko fixed the Astral Express and is also one of the key Trailblazers attackers. Her Ultimate is one of the best in Drift Boss.

She is a Fire elemental, so her AoE moves also do damage to the area they hit. She’s also great at doing extra damage after the fact and increasing the amount of damage she does over time. It only makes her stronger when she’s fighting an enemy with Burn as a Trace Technique. Trailblaze’s Ultimate can hit your enemies more than once!


honkai-star-rail-welt-splash-and-menu.jpg (740×370)

As a follower of the Nihility Path, Welt is a mysterious man with boundless imagination who saves the world. He can do powerful Imaginary effect damage. The enemy can’t move forward as quickly as they can because of his attacks and Ultimate power.

When paired with other DPS attackers that can slow down the enemy, a leveled-up Welt could give you almost endless turns to destroy their forces. Controlling crowds and DoT strikes are two things he does really well.

But he can’t win the fight by himself, even though he seems pretty strong. His team needs a main DPS attacker who can do a lot of damage. Characters like Dan Heng and Tingyun can make up for the fact that he doesn’t do much damage.


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