Compelling Reasons to Buy Corsair 7000d Airflow

If you’re in the market for a spacious full-tower case that can accommodate an abundance of hardware, cooling solutions, and storage options, the Corsair 7000d Airflow is worth considering. This particular model is the latest and most significant addition to Corsair’s popular D series, boasting a sleek, minimalist design with features like a tempered glass side panel and a front mesh panel designed to optimize airflow.

In this comprehensive review article, we’ll look in-depth at the Corsair 7000d Airflow’s build quality, functionality, and overall value for money.

Excellent Build Quality

The Corsair 7000d Airflow is a sturdy and well-built case constructed with steel, plastic, and tempered glass. It has dimensions of 23.6 x 9.7 x 21.7 inches (600 x 248 x 550 mm) and weighs about 36.4 lbs (16.5 kg), making it a substantial option. The case features a sleek black finish without any flashy elements or RGB lighting.

The side panel is tinted with dark glass, providing a clean look and hiding any hardware mismatching. Additionally, the case comes equipped with a magnetic dust filter on the top and a removable dust filter on the bottom to help maintain cleanliness and prevent dust accumulation.

The case offers ample space and supports various components, such as E-ATX motherboards, 450 mm long graphics cards, CPU coolers with a 190 mm height, and 225 long power supplies. It also features 8+3 expansion slots for vertical GPU mounting or additional expansion cards.

With six internal 3.5-inch bays and four internal 2.5-inch bays, you can configure the case to meet your storage needs. Its dual-chamber layout effectively separates the power supply and hard drives from the main components, enhancing cable management and improving airflow.

Improved Functionality

The Corsair 7000d Airflow is designed to provide exceptional cooling performance and offers various options for fans and radiators. This case already includes three pre-installed 140 mm fans: two in the front and one in the rear. Additionally, it can accommodate up to a total of 11 fans.

Moreover, this case supports up to four radiators with varying sizes. The maximum radiator size allowed is 480 mm in the front, 420 mm at the top, 140 mm in the rear, and 480 mm on the side. Another convenient feature is the removable radiator tray on top of the case, allowing for effortless installation and access to radiators and fans.

Totally Value for Money

The Corsair 7000d Airflow is priced at around $260, which is a reasonable cost for a full-tower case that offers both quality and impressive features. This case provides plenty of room, flexibility, and functionality for your hardware, cooling solutions, and storage needs.

Additionally, it has a sleek and professional appearance that adds to its overall appearance. One notable advantage of this full-tower case is its 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind to users. This case suits enthusiasts looking to build a robust and high-end PC. It can also handle some overclocking and custom water cooling setups.


If you need a spacious and adaptable full-tower case that can handle all your hardware, cooling, and storage requirements, the Corsair 7000d Airflow is an excellent choice. Priced competitively, this case offers exceptional quality and will not disappoint those seeking a reliable full-tower option.


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