How to choose a company name: generators

One of the first questions that any entrepreneur faces is how to choose a name for his company. And naming really should be given due attention. The brand name affects its recognition, distinguishes the company from competitors in the market, and forms a certain image in the eyes of potential customers.

   All this makes proper naming one of the most important factors that determine the future success of a business project. In addition, a serious approach to choosing a brand name will avoid unnecessary costs for rebranding and complicating the marketing campaign if it turns out that the name is already occupied by a competitor or it cannot be registered for other reasons.

Name generator

   Any generators usually use several algorithms at once. For such services to work, they need source data, on the basis of which a list of generated options will be offered. It’s easy to enter data, the generators themselves tell them what they need to know. In most cases, the selection process can be run repeatedly, and the list will be updated each time.

  1. Logaster

It helps to create not only a name for the brand, but also a slogan, logo, and corporate identity. It includes 23 branches and uses 10 different word generation algorithms. In addition, it contains a lot of useful information about branding in general.

  1. Turbologo

To create a creative and solid name for your brand, contact the Turbologo designer, who will generate a brand name for your company. No skills are required to use the site. The platform is fully adapted for ordinary users.


It helps to create names based not only on keywords but also on syllables and even letters. Takes into account the wishes for the length of the word, and the use of prefixes and suffixes. Generates domain names, immediately offering to add the desired domain ending.

  1. Shopify

It includes several other useful tools, including a simple and convenient generator for business. You need to enter a keyword, press the button and select from the list of suggested options.

  1. WordLab

It does not require entering a keyword. It offers a very large number of titles that increase SEO efficiency. Also, the service has collected a large amount of useful information about naming.

  1. NameSmith

An easy-to-use generator. It is suitable both for choosing a brand name and a domain name. Automatically checks the domain name market and offers a list of only available options.

  1. Name Mesh

Suitable for those who are looking for a name for a startup. The variants are generated based on keywords and meet modern trends. The service also allows you to choose non-standard categories for the selection of names.

  1. Business Name Generator

Generates names based on one or two keywords. You can use it to check which available domain names can match the selected option.

* When developing a brand name, you need to choose one that will “serve” the company for many years. Any business at the beginning of its journey is experiencing difficulties in finding customers, so it is important to take into account all the nuances of the market and the target audience. Choose the most suitable name generator for you and create your own personal brand names!!!

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