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Unleashing Innovation: 15 Startup App Concepts in AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR

The need for fresh app concepts is growing daily, and more and more companies are creating quick, tech-savvy, lightweight, and functional apps.

Around $197 billion worth of mobile apps were downloaded in 2017–18. And by 2021, this figure will soar to the astounding level of $352 billion. The days of large, complicated apps are over. Businesses today demand fresh app concepts that are quickly deployable and easy mobile apps.

The demand for straightforward app concepts is rising in 2019. Businesses are creating more straightforward apps that are quick, tech-savvy, lightweight, and functional apps. That’s why, if you want to create your next business app, you need to work with mobile app developers who can give you the best and most reliable app.

As a result, companies should have a clear plan in mind for how they’ll develop their next mobile app using new app ideas.

No need to worry if you’re looking for app ideas; this post includes 15 Simple App Ideas For Startups and SMEs to examine in 2019 that will be very useful to enterprises. These ideas will prove why you must hire blockchain developers and Android app developers

Top App Ideas For Business You Must Know

1. AI-Powered Personalized Health and Fitness Assistant

Just picture carrying a smart health companion in your pocket! This software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to develop a unique plan for you. It considers your health information, inquires about your preferences, and then creates activities and meals specifically for you. It is far cooler than a fitness expert.

This app keeps tabs on your development and provides fitness and health advice. Even remembering to hydrate yourself and get proper rest is made easier by it. Therefore, this app aids you in staying on track and achieving your health objectives whether you are a fitness expert or just getting started.

2. Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management

For enterprises, the “Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management” app functions like a digital sleuth. It maintains an incredibly secure record of how items move from the place they are manufactured to the place they are sold using a unique technology called blockchain. Consider purchasing a chocolate bar. 

Why is this crucial? Well, it aids businesses in ensuring that everything is authentic and it prevents dishonest individuals from attempting to con you with phony goods. It functions as a sort of technological mark of approval for goods, ensuring that customers get what they paid for and assisting businesses in conducting business more successfully and honestly.

3. AR Interior Design and Furniture Shopping

A fantastic tool for your home, the AR Interior Design and Furniture Shopping app. With that, this software can assist you. Simply aim your phone or tablet at your space to see the furnishings and accents as if they were actually there. You can rearrange them, experiment with various appearances, and decide what looks best. 

It’s like carrying around a virtual interior designer. Additionally, you can use the app to directly purchase the items you prefer. Furniture purchasing is now a lot of fun and simple!

4. AI-Powered Mental Health Companion

An app called “AI-Powered Mental Health Companion” is beneficial for persons who are stressed, anxious, or depressed. It’s like carrying a kind, sympathetic friend around with you. The software employs cutting-edge technology to converse with you and pay attention to your emotions. Then it provides suggestions and exercises to help you feel better.

Consider it your own private mental health coach. It recommends relaxing activities like deep breathing or meditation and can even provide suggestions for things that make you joyful. Over time, as a result of the lessons it gathers from your interactions, it gets better at comprehending your emotions. It all comes down to having a friend to turn to when you’re down and making mental health help comfortable and accessible for everyone.

5. Blockchain-Based Voting System

A program called “Blockchain-Based Voting System” increases voting security and reliability. Imagine your vote in an election is documented on a unique digital ledger known as a blockchain. This ledger functions as a very reliable digital book that cannot be altered or falsified.

Your vote is recorded there and made public, but it cannot be overturned. No one is able to tamper with the findings or engage in any nefarious actions because everything is transparent and protected by blockchain.

Voting on a variety of issues using this tool is possible, including important company or group decisions and elections for public office. It makes democracy stronger and decision-making more trustworthy by ensuring fairness and trust in the voting process.

6. ML-Powered Personalized Learning Platform

Students and learners of all ages can improve their academic performance with the ML-powered Personalized Learning Platform, which is similar to a smart learning app. It’s like to having a virtual instructor who knows how you learn best. This software keeps track of how you learn and your strengths before presenting you with courses and practice activities that are ideal for you. 

Everyone benefits from having a personal instructor in their pocket since learning is made simpler and more enjoyable. 

7. AR-Based Tour Guide

When you explore new places, the AR-Based Tour Guide is like having a magical ally on your phone. Consider yourself in a hip city or interesting landmark. When you open the app and point your phone at a structure, information and entertaining facts appear on your screen. You may read about the building’s past, notable residents, and even some amusing anecdotes.

Additionally, it might aid in locating nearby eateries and stores. The ability to make your travels more interesting and educational is like having superpowers!

8. AI-Enhanced Language Translation

The AI-Enhanced Language Translation software on your phone functions like a magical translator. When you open the app, it aids in mutual understanding. The program rapidly translates anything they say or write into your language. It’s like carrying a translator around with you!

The unique feature is how quick and intelligent it is. With each use, it gains knowledge and becomes better. Additionally, it is camera-compatible, so you can point it towards menus or signs and it will magically translate them into your language. Every time is like having a language superhero!

9. Blockchain-Powered Digital Identity Verification

A super-secure ID card for your online life, the “Blockchain-Powered Digital Identity Verification” software works similarly. Imagine never having to worry about someone impersonating you online. The blockchain technology used by this software ensures the safety of your online identity.

This app comes in handy when you need to verify your identity or sign up for a new online service. All of your reliable information, which is safely kept in the blockchain, is used to verify your identity. 

In this manner, you can use this software to access social media, government agencies, and bank accounts without continually verifying your identity. Making the internet safer, it’s similar to having a digital bouncer.

10. ML-Driven Personalized E-commerce

Having the “ML-Driven Personalized E-commerce” app on your phone is like having your very own personal shopper. It employs machine learning, which is akin to a clever brain, to figure out what you prefer to purchase.

Imagine that the app recognizes your preferences for colors, brands, and styles the moment you launch it. Using your past purchases as a guide, it recommends things you’re likely to love. As a result, you don’t have to wade through countless selections because it displays the items you’ll probably wish to purchase.

It’s like having a friend who is aware of your preferences and assists you in finding the ideal items online. 

11. AR-Based Training and Simulation

A unique learning tool, the AR-Based Training and Simulation program turns your smartphone or glasses into a fascinating and lifelike virtual environment. People in professions like pilots, doctors, or even gamers who wish to practice and learn new skills can benefit from it.

Take flight training as an example. With this software, you can practice safely taking off and landing without being on a plane by using your AR glasses and feeling like you’re in the cockpit. Or, if you’re a medical professional, you can use it to practice operations in a secure virtual setting. It’s similar to a video game, except it teaches you valuable job-related skills. This software makes training and learning incredibly engaging and participatory!

12. Blockchain for Intellectual Property Protection

For innovative and creative ideas, the “Blockchain for Intellectual Property Protection” software functions as a super-secure safe. Imagine if you write a song, a novel, or invent something fantastic. 

It gives your creation a distinctive digital fingerprint using an incredibly robust technology called blockchain. This fingerprint identifies you as the maker and the date of creation. Like having your name on anything forever. This program acts as a personal guardian for your creative ideas, ensuring that they are protected and kept private for you. 

13. AI-Powered Virtual Personal Assistant

Similar to a super-smart assistant for your phone or computer, the AI-powered virtual Personal Assistant. It’s more than simply a typical helper; as you use it, it learns from you and gradually becomes more adept at comprehending your needs.

A forecast would be helpful. You are covered by it. Interested in the most recent news? It can also inform you of that. It’s like having a personal smart friend on your device who is always available to help. This software employs sophisticated AI technologies to organize and simplify your life.

14. Blockchain-Based Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is made simple via the “Blockchain-Based Real Estate Investment” app. Consider wanting to invest in a property but finding the entire cost to be too high. With the aid of this program, you might buy a share of the property using digital tokens built on a blockchain. These ownership tokens are less expensive than purchasing the complete property.

Blockchain guarantees transparent and secure ownership. Additionally, you may quickly sell your tokens to other investors, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of real estate investment. Similar to purchasing stock in a firm, but with real estate. This app makes real estate investing more accessible and makes it simpler to increase your financial gains from the property market.

15. AR-Based Remote Collaboration

A revolutionary app concept called AR-based distant Collaboration seeks to revolutionize teamwork, particularly in distributed or distant environments. Users can enter this collaborative space by donning AR glasses or by using their smartphones or tablets. Team members can interact with 3D models, data visualizations, and digital items as if they were actually there in the AR environment. The meetings for problem-solving, design reviews, and brainstorming are made more efficient by this immersive experience.

Avatars, voice chat, and text messaging enable real-time communication with AR-based remote Collaboration, promoting a sense of presence even when team members are thousands of miles distant. In the age of remote work, this software idea has enormous potential to improve productivity and connectivity.


We hope these 15 ideas for basic apps will be ideal for your new business. You are welcome to submit your own app concepts to our list of 15 straightforward app concepts. Alternatively, suppose you want to design a mobile app, in that case, connect with a Mobile app development company that can assist you by providing some of the greatest app ideas for your project.

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