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Inspirational Display Packaging Ideas To Add Appeal On The Stores

Display box packaging has the purpose of increasing product and brand awareness to increase business sales. These boxes play a vital role as a powerful marketing tool that has the potential to force customers to buy your product. The question arises in everyone’s mind about how display boxes inspire customers and what kind of appearance makes them stand out. Plain boxes without any design, ordinary shape, style, and dull outlook do not look good. To create a strong impact on customers, high-quality Display Boxes help with it. At We Print Your Boxes, you can achieve whatever you want to by just telling us what is in your mind. 

Moreover, well-designed box packaging with additional elements, styles, shapes, and sizes appeals to customers. If a business wants to achieve its goals in the shape of boosting sales, and profit, enhancing brand entity, and ensuring business growth, it must follow the new trends of packaging. Recent trends including display packaging ideas help businesses to grow more and aid recall. These boxes in a minimal design with bold texts, contrasting color schemes, high-end finishing, printing, splashing patterns, and modern shapes, styles, and sizes give customers a reason to choose your brand. 

Furthermore, display packaging not only secures the products placed inside the box but also appeals to customers who come to the stores. As protection is vital for every product, inspirational packaging ideas work great and let your product shine on the store shelves. 

Pyramid Display Boxes

When it comes to displaying the products, try to think out of the box. While designing your box packaging, the ball is in your court that is how you make them appealing and build your brand image among others. The box shapes, styles, and sizes in a distinguishable appearance inspire customers who come to the stores. For instance, if we talk about macarons, the lively and colorful appearance of the box requires an attractive and different box that complements each other. Pyramid display boxes for macarons, jewelry, and any other product placed on the retail store shelf make a distinction of your brand. 

Pop-Up Box Packaging

Leaving a lasting impact on customers leads to boost sales and aided recall. Pop-up display boxes make peoples’ unboxing experience memorable. The sound of pop-ups while opening the box appeals to customers. These boxes in a lively design, colors, and graphics make an eye-catching eye-view of the customers. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Packaging

The holographic technique glows in the dark appeals to the customers in the young age group especially. They come to the store and order the product placed inside the box just for the packaging. Because kraft and cardboard can be used as decoration pieces or anywhere else in the room.  When the color of the box pops out in the dimly lit setting in the stores or in the home creates an eye-catching appeal to the customers. 

Prominent Exterior Display Packaging

It is a unique idea to prominent the text, logo, and other features on the box through using different packaging techniques. Finishing helps in doing it and making innovatively designed packaging. Spot UV adds a glossy texture to the specific areas of the box. It highlights that area and adds a tactile dimension to the box. 

Additionally, other prominent-looking finishing techniques like embossing adds a more visual appeal to the box packaging. These are both techniques that we use in inspirational display packaging ideas.  

Upcycled Display Packaging Ideas Material

Embracing sustainability through making your box packaging comes in the most inspirational packaging idea that stands out your business from the crowd. Using kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material at the time of making display box packaging leads to adds sustainability to your product and your brand too. Eco-centric customers like eco-friendly and sustainable materials to appeal to customers. Moreover, materials like kraft can be easily recycled, and that reduces the carbon footprints.

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Show Minimalism In Your Display Boxes

Where the bold, bright, and crazy display designs and colors attract customers, the minimal and elegant looks have their own fan base. Using colors, graphic patterns, and enticing designs that look amazingly beautiful but in a simplistic way. Si plastic design techniques and elements like subtle and neutral colors and shimmers make these boxes inspiring. 

The more minimal your packaging looks, the more it creates a sense of sophistication among customers. We take the example of the IKEA store, we examine that their packaging patterns, colors, graphics, printing, and finishings are very decent and gain so much attention from customers. So it is not true if we say that only splashy packaging makes a place in the market. 


Packaging ideas are many. However, it is crucial to utilize the Display packaging ideas and trends that Complement the products and inspire customers. There should always be a packaging type that resonates with the audience, and their needs and is compatible with product guidelines. Moreover, packaging ideas are proficient in luring sales on the events and special occasions. The coming Halloween and Christmas packaging must incline to their essence. Come up with pyramid display boxes, minimalist packaging, and trendy shapes boxes to boost appeal on the shelves, and attract every onlooker. We Print Your Boxes create custom boxes with trendy ideas to cater to all brand needs.

We apply modern printing machinery with the latest finishing options to design mesmerizing visuals for your custom printed boxes. Get benefits from our complimentary services, free shipping, and free design consultation. Make your brand the talk of the town with the latest packaging ideas. 


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