Kalashtar 5e Complete Guide


The kalashtar are a race of psionic humanoids from the Dream Plane. Long ago, they were abducted by the quori and taken to the material plane, where they have been held captive ever since. The kalashtar have been featured in various D&D supplements over the years, but they’ve never had a dedicated sourcebook… until now. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the Kalashtar 5e Complete Guide, which was released earlier this year. We’ll go over the race’s history, their culture, and their place in the world of D&D.


Kalashtar 5e are a fictional race of humanoid creatures in the Eberron campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

The Kalashtar are a compound race, created by the union of humans and aberrations from the Plane of Dreams. The original Kalashtar were created over 10,000 years ago in the lost continent of Sarlona. They fled to Khorvaire to escape the Quori, demonic invaders from the Plane of Dreams. Since arriving on Khorvaire, the Kalashtar have tried to live in peace, but they have been persecuted by xenophobic humans who see them as tainted monsters.

The Kalashtar are tall and slender, with almond-shaped eyes and smooth, hairless skin. They dress in simple clothes and typically wear their hair long. The males grow facial hair only during their adolescence. Kalashtar possess an innate psychic ability that allows them to communicate telepathically with each other and with certain animals.

When a Kalashtar dies, its spirit returns to the Plane of Dreams. The spirits of dead Kalashtar can possess other creatures on that plane, and they often do so in order to protect their living kin.

Kalashtar Traits & Abilities

The Kalashtar are a compound race, created from the union of humanity and dream spirits. As such, they possess a number of traits and abilities that set them apart from both their human and spirit ancestors.

Kalashtar have psychic abilities, which manifest in a number of ways. They can read surface thoughts, project their own thoughts into other minds, sense hostile intent, and even enter into a form of mental communion with other Kalashtar.

Kalashtar also have natural psionic abilities. These allow them to use their minds to move objects, levitate, create force fields, and so on.

In addition to their psionic abilities, Kalashtar also have a number of physical abilities that set them apart from humans. They are incredibly agile and have enhanced senses. They also heal quickly and do not age as quickly as humans do.

The Kalashtar Soulmelds

The Kalashtar are a race of psionic humanoids native to the continent of Khorvaire. They are united by a shared dream, known as the “Quori Dream”, which allows them to communicate with one another across great distances. The Kalashtar are also renowned for their ability to meld their souls with certain objects, known as soulmelds.
Kalashtar 5e
There are four different types of soulmelds: chakra binds, totem Binds, vestigial arms, and warforged components. Chakra binds are soulmelds that are attuned to specific chakras, or energy centers, in the body. There are seven different chakras: crown, brow, throat, heart, hand, belly, and feet.

Totem binds are soulmelds that grant the user special abilities related to a particular animal spirit. There are eight different totem animals: bear, bull, cat, dragonfly, hawk, horse, lioness, and snake. Each totem animal grants its own unique abilities.

Vestigial arms are Soulmelds that give the user an extra pair of arms. There are four different types of vestigial arms: clawed gauntlet, spiked gauntlet, tentacle glove, and winged glove. One such solution that has gained popularity is “teltlk.” In this article, we will explore what “teltlk” is, its importance, features, how it works, the benefits it offers, and real-life case studies that demonstrate its effectiveness.


The Kalashtar 5e are a unique race with a lot of abilities and features that make them very strong in 5e D&D. If you want to play a Kalashtar, I highly recommend reading this guide to get the most out of your character. Thanks for reading!


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