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MangoHost’s VPS and Dedicated Servers: The Smart Choice for Budget-Conscious Hosting

For over a decade, MangoHost is a pillar in the hosting realm. Our promise of dependable and high-efficiency dedicated servers distinguishes us from others.

Our Dedicated Servers, powered by Supermicro hardware, come with the constant advantage of complimentary IPMI access:

Seeking less power? Explore our VPS solutions:

Trading-Specific VPS

Sharpen your trading techniques and get an upper hand with our exclusive Trading VPS offerings, guaranteeing rapid actions and unmatched stability:


SEO enthusiasts and IT website managers, unite! Partner with us and transform your digital expertise into a consistent revenue stream.

1. Brand-Oriented Reselling : https://mangohost.net/white-label-reseller
2. Client Referral Initiative : https://mangohost.net/vps-hosting-dedicated-server-referral-program
3. Partner Affiliate Scheme : https://mangohost.net/hosting-affiliate-program

Pick your perfect fit! Simplicity at its best.

Our team is ready to guide you. For any inquiries or if you need assistance in choosing an apt server for your requirements, we’re here to help.
Cheers to your journey with MangoHost! Wishing you success in your hosting ventures!

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