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Nashville Top 7 Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you visiting Nashville soon? Do you want to know about its popular things and places? Nashville is a city in Tennessee, United States. Several people from different countries plan to visit here because some of its most famous attractions. The city has many places where you can spend quality time and know about it more iganony.

Nashville has some spots where you can even know about its history. Nashville is often known as the sound city. Here you will see different types of music form everywhere. Apart from this you will find variety of food restaurants here, museums, historic mansions etc. The place has numerous recording studios that you will find everywhere in this city. If you want to go Nashville, then you can book your tickets now as Spirit Flight Booking are open.

7 Attractions of Nashville: 

1. Historic Studio B RCA:

As we mentioned above, Nashville is a city of music and sounds. The place has several music studios located at different parts. Historic RCA studio is the most famous and oldest studio of Nashville. You can visit this oldest studio to experience how historic studios look like. You can check out this place if you are interested to know the history of music. The place has some amazing instruments that will take you to the history of the city.

2. Hatch Show Print:

This is a quiet different thing from music but is a very interesting thing to know. Hatch show print is a poster printing shop that was created by two Hatch brothers. It prints posters of musicians. It still works the same way it used to do hundred years back. Hatch show print is an interesting shop to visit and explore. It is a unique experience in Nashville city.

3. Woolworth on 5th:

In this place you can have breakfast, lunch while enjoying live music. On 13 February 1960, a group of Students who were mainly from Black universities were refused service. Due to this several arrests were made. The place has now become a historic place where you can enjoy food along with live music. You can visit there to see how beautifully it is designed. If you love historic sites, then this one is great place to visit.

4. Belmont Mansion:

If you want to see how ancient mansions looked like then you should visit Belmont Mansion. Belmont Mansion belonged to one of the richest lady of Nashville Adelicia Acklen. Adelicia was engaged to a guy who passed away due to typhoid fever a few days before their marriage. He left a net worth of $1 million with Adelicia. The mansion is designed as a party palace. You can definitely make a visit here.

5. Tennessee State Museum:

This museum is a mixture of art, history and culture. The Tennessee State Museum is located in Nashville. Apart from art and culture, here you will see some other amazing things such as civil war uniforms, weapons of the country, battle flags and many other interesting things. You can also have a look on Capitol building of Nashville city from its balcony.

6. Walking food tour:

After exploring the museums, studios and other places at Nashville you must taste its food also. So to taste the whole Nashville food you can take a walk to Walking food tour. Walking food tour involves multiple types of foods. Here you will learn unique things about Nashville foods that you have rarely seen anywhere.

7. Ryman Auditorium:

It is a beautiful auditorium painted with red and while colors from outside. It is a vast auditorium that you can explore in Nashville. You must read Spirit Airlines Minor Policy before booking your spirit airlines ticket.


Wrapping up this article here, we hope you have found the best places in Nashville before your visit. These places will make your trip more worthwhile and valuable as these are some of the must visit places. There are more places to explore in Nashville but these are top 7. Also the choice depends on the interest of visitors so it may vary with some visitors. You can purchase Spirit Flight Booking Tickets to visit Nashville, Tennessee.


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