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NZXT Internal USB Hub Review


The nzxt usb 2.0 hub review is a simple yet effective device that allows you to expand the number of USB ports on your computer. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, this hub can be a useful addition to your setup, especially if you have multiple devices that need to be connected simultaneously.

One of the key features of the NZXT USB 2.0 Hub is its compact size. Measuring just 3.5 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width, and 1 inch in height, this hub can easily fit into your laptop bag or even your pocket. It also comes with a built-in cable that measures 4 inches in length, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around a separate cable.


  • 4 internal USB 2.0 ports and 1 port for connection to the motherboard
  •  Works great with any PC and is easily tucked away
  •  SATA power connection provides a stable power source
  • User-friendly installation with a magnetic body and 3M dual lock tapes

The NZXT USB 2.0 Hub has a total of four USB ports, which should be enough for most users. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, so you can use it with virtually any computer.

nzxt usb 2.0 hub review

One of the things that sets the NZXT USB 2.0 Hub apart from other similar devices is its sleek design. The hub has a black matte finish that looks great with any computer, and it has a solid build quality that feels very durable.

In terms of performance, the NZXT USB 2.0 Hub delivers excellent results. It supports data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps, which is more than enough for most users. It also supports plug-and-play functionality, so you can easily connect and disconnect devices without having to install any drivers.

One of the potential downsides of the nzxt usb 2.0 hub reviewis that it does not support USB 3.0 devices.

Overall, the NZXT USB 2.0 Hub is a great device for anyone who needs to expand the number of USB ports on their computer. It’s compact, sleek, and easy to use, and it delivers excellent performance.


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