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Marketing the pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses with professional transcreation

Have you ever heard about transcreation to advertise, promote, and boost the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries?  How does transcreation help to adapt healthcare marketing messages to align with cultural norms, beliefs, and sensitivities?

In the panorama of pharmaceuticals and healthcare, healthcare companies search for different ways to expand their reach to a global audience. So, the role of transcreation in this becomes increasingly vital. 

Transcreation is a unique technique for adapting content while preserving its essence. Additionally, it extends its influence across different marketing materials in the healthcare industry. And allow these companies to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps smoothly.

Let’s discuss the vital marketing materials in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, that require the expertise of a professional translation company. And how this transformative process improves communication and builds trust. Additionally, how does it improve access to healthcare worldwide?

Some Strategies for the Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products

The first and foremost consideration revolves around the target audience for whom you want to advertise your products. When we talk about marketing, pharmaceuticals and medical products have a dual approach. 

Either they are directly intended for patients, possible to avail over-the-counter to address minor illnesses, or it may be indirectly distributed through prescriptions that are prescribed by healthcare professionals. Consequently, pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing materials are custom to attract one of these groups, infrequently both at the same time.

When it comes to patient-focused marketing, pharmaceuticals are often advertised on television in ads, showcased on billboards, displayed in posters, or distributed via pamphlets found in hospital waiting rooms. 

On the other hand, healthcare professionals are typically engaged through promotional materials sent to their clinics. These materials are in the form of brochures, email campaigns, personal visits, and product demonstrations by pharmaceutical sales representatives. 

These marketing materials are usually composed in English, which has become a universally recognized source language for the purpose of translation. Consequently, the task involves translating or localizing these promotional materials to suit the specific requirements of the local market. Here, professional transcreation services come into play. 

However, presenting poor translation and transcreation of marketing material to healthcare professionals discourages them from choosing your pharmaceutical or medical product.

Therefore, it is very important to connect with language service providers that are capable of delivering high-quality translation and culturally sensitive transcreation. Additionally, they ensure the success of the advertisement and marketing of your pharmaceutical and medical products. 

Transcreation Messaging Mishap 

Colgate-Palmolive (toothpaste brand) tried to promote their toothpaste in Southeast Asia by highlighting its teeth whitening feature. But they made a critical error in the judgment of their culture. They don’t do proper local market research. In this region, dark teeth were considered a symbol of prestige. In reality, these people chewed betel nuts, which stained their teeth. 

Therefore, the slogan, ‘’You’ll wonder where the yellow went,’’ not only failed to appeal to the audience but was also viewed as offensive by some people due to its racial undertones. This message mishap is primarily a misunderstanding of transcreation services, as it involves adapting the message that fits well in the local cultural context.

Hence, professional transcreation services should research the target culture thoroughly and open itself for feedback to do better transcreation for promotional products.

When do transcreation is needed in this industry?

Whenever the brand needs to adapt itself in the foreign market, it requires transcreation. Professional transcreation services maintain the original impact of the messages in brochures, ads, and taglines. It serves as a protective shield that ensures a positive image of the product and avoids misunderstandings in the target market. 

As every market requires a unique approach, simple translation doesn’t satisfy. Because it can lead to underperformance or confusion. In the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, transcreation upholds professionalism in global communication. And it helps to align with regulatory standards for quality assurance. 

Transcreation plays an important role in this industry, ensuring the marketing materials effectively communicate healthcare products and services to diverse audiences while respecting their cultural and linguistic differences. The pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing materials need transcreation.

  • Transcreation is essential for the advertisement of pharmaceutical products to ensure the drug name descriptions are conveyed accurately and resonate with the culture and language of the target audience
  • Health and wellness campaigns in the target market in their native languages
  • To promote and advertise the medical devices
  • To provide linguistically accessible and culturally sensitive instructions about the healthcare apps 
  • Providing telemedicine services through transcreation and understanding the cultural nuances of the patients
  • For international healthcare conferences and events
  • Transcreation adapts marketing material for dental and cosmetic surgery clinics, etc.

Wrap up!

In conclusion, using the expertise of a professional translation company along with transcreation services, transcreation becomes a valuable tool for promoting pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses. It involves careful adjustment of marketing materials to connect with larger audiences while respecting their cultural sensitivities and following their rules and traditions.

Therefore, these help to overcome language and cultural differences and help to capture the attention of the audience. Consequently, it serves to build trust, improve communication, and make healthcare facilities available worldwide. So transcreation is now essential for pharmaceutical industries and healthcare companies to succeed in our diverse and connected world.


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