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Prepare for Success: IELTS Test Preparation Tips and Tricks

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System, is a leading international standardized test for assessing the English proficiency of aspirants looking to study abroad. There’s intense competition, with millions worldwide vying for seats in their dream foreign universities. According to a report by the British Council, there were 3.9 million applicants in 2018-2019, and the number has been rising steadily.

If you are an applicant, expect tough competition in every IELTS exam type. Preparation is key to success, and so is getting expert guidance by your side., India’s leading IELTS test preparation service, offers some tips to level up your planning and groundwork.

Read on and be enlightened.

Tips & Tricks To Boost IELTS Test Preparation

The Writing Exam

  • Do not memorize answers to the questions in the Writing and Speaking sections.
  • Develop your vocabulary. Assessors do not consider extravagant words vital, but you should avoid using commonly used terms. Use less-recognized and common words. Remember, it is all about showcasing the range of your vocabulary and language skills.
  • Avoid grammatical errors at all costs in the writing section.
  • Take part in timed mock tests to finish tasks within specific time frames.
  • Focus on current and potent topics. Practice writing on these topics and write about them in the exam.
  • Make it a point to not spend more than 20 minutes on task 1. Also, spend at least 40 minutes on writing task 2 as it carries more marks. As a thumb rule, spend more time on questions with higher scores and manage time well.
  • Ensure your handwriting is neat and legible.

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The Reading Test

  • Read various texts from books, newspapers, & magazines to research papers, newspaper articles, and online blogs.
  • Take note of any new and uncommon words that you come across.
  • Read on topics of interest. But diversify your reads as there’s no telling what topic you may be asked to write about.
  • Discuss ideas, topics, and things to read with your friends.
  • Set a timer and try to finish reading a text within a time limit. Read aloud to understand the concepts and ideas better.
  • Review previous year’s papers and familiarize yourself with the exam pattern & time limits.
  • Each answer in the reading exam is worth just a single point. So, don’t waste time answering the ones you are struggling with.
  • Go through every single detail of the reading material. The figures, graphs, and images– go through everything before answering.
  • Ensure zero grammatical errors and inconsistencies.

The Listening Section

  • Go through all questions minutely before the audio clip begins.
  • Practice by listening to both American and British accent clips and mixed accents.
  • Learn to focus and concentrate. This will help you follow clips easily.
  • Learn to identify keywords and word indicators.
  • You will have just 10 minutes to write down your answers. So, don’t waste time.
  • Listen to generic materials from the US, UK, and Australia, such as news, TV shows, podcasts, documentaries, etc..

The Speaking Section

  • Listen to the question carefully before answering.
  • Skip if you do not know the answer.
  • Be calm, collected, and confident. Deflate your ego, curb your fears, and use logic.
  • Speak slowly and fluently.
  • Avoid long pauses.
  • Work on your grammar, sentence construction ideas, and vocabulary.


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