Ranking 10 Best Indie Game Developers

Indie developers are often the first to try new things and be creative in the game world. Most of the time, these builders stand out.

Big companies in the video game industry, like EA, Ubisoft, and Nintendo, always give players a lot of games with big open worlds, great stories, and online game play. As long as they have big budgets, subsidiary companies, and a lot of name recognition, these AAA developers are in a great situation to make video games that are packed with content and come out all the time.

However, there is a group of video game makers who, despite not getting much help from publishers (either financially or practically), make experiences that are at the cutting edge of what’s possible in video games. There are a lot of smart and forward-thinking developers working on “indie” games, both as people and as small teams. These developers have taken their “indie” label and run with it, making their own successful, respected, and unique part of the market.


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