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Skse64 Not Working Problem Solved 2023 | Easy Steps

SKSe64 not working is a common error faced by multiple users. SKSE64 is an acronym for Skyrim Script Extender 64, a central component of a game’s mod feature. Skyrim SE and Special Edition, developed & released by Bethesda Gaming Companies and Softworks, is a successful role-playing game in an action genre.

Between gamers, Skyrim is a viral video game. But several gamers also complain that they are facing the challenges of not working with your SKSE64. There are occasions when it ceases working and reveals a mistake. The abbreviation of “Skyrim Script Extender 64” would be SKSE64. That is a mod method and plays a vital role in the Skyrim Limited Edition in applying complex mods. Even if you’re using an updated model of Skyrim SKSE64, you may face this problem.

As a result of this issue, after installing the SKSE64 binary mods, gamers fail to start the game. The game launches occasionally, but it displays just a black screen, so don’t worry if you face this problem. Now we will discuss the causes of this mistake and the remedies.

Reasons for the Occurrence of this Problem

We researched the matter and created a full guide of solutions with most users recorded to solve the problem. We also looked at why the mistake cause and some of the most likely reasons mentioned as follows:

  • Firewall – In certain situations, the Windows Firewall prevents some components of the game from coming into contact with the servers, resulting in the game being unable to start correctly and not loading mods up.
  • Antivirus/Windows Defender – Sometimes, in situations, installed Windows Defender and antivirus on your machine prevent the running of skse64 or the game. That Defender or the Antivirus will mark the application itself dangerous as a false report and thus cause it to stop.
  • Updates – The older Skyrim script extender never longer works with the new game when the game update since the game version & the skse64 program need to be identical for them to work compatibly. You may then upgrade either the SKSE version and roll back the game version.
  • Faulty Mods – This is possible because a particular mod might induce the game’s problem. Usually, the older mods wouldn’t work on it because the game changes. After the game updates, the developers of the Mods typically release updated versions of the Mods.

Fixes for this Error


Fix 1: Granting Firewall Access

In certain situations, the Windows Firewall prevents some components of the game from coming into contact with both the servers, resulting in the game being unable to start correctly. Therefore in this phase, we will add the exception rather than the Window Firewall game.

  • Press the Start Menu button and pick the “Settings” icon.
  • Click upon this ‘Updates & Protection’ option within the settings.
  • From the left sidebar, select the Windows Security function.
  • Click on the choice of ‘Firewall & Network Security.
  • Select the option “Enable an application via the firewall.
  • Select “Change Settings” to request the permissions needed.
  • Enable “Skyrim” and all regulations about Skyrim through several “Public” & “Private networks.
  • “Make sure to register “Steam” as well.
  • Press “OK to run the game & check to see if the issue persists.

Fix 2: Your Computer Restart

Not only does relaunching the computer refresh an Operating System(OS), it also removes the data that temporarily corrupted. Throughout fixing software-related problems, this process is found useful.


1. How do I run skse64 via Vortex?

The Vortex and SKSE64 Vortex Skyrim Script Extender would be a tool used among Skyrim Mods to broaden the game’s scripting capabilities. That, in turn, gives the customers to create the original game with additional features and functionality. Users need to understand SKSE64 and the different things related to that before hopping over to the application.

2. How am I supposed to know if skse64 was indeed working?

  • First, make sure that SKSE is running
  • Open an in-game console only with (above the Tab key)
  • Then try typing and press Enter throughout GetSKSEVersion.
  • The SKSE version should display on the console.
  • SKSE doesn’t run if that doesn’t, but neither is TESV Acceleration Coating, so you need to verify your installation of SKSE.
  • Ensure that Steam is running even before the game begins and ensuring that it launches via SKSE loader.exe.

3. Is it better with Vortex than with NMM?

I should use Mod Manager for Nexus. When you add and trigger a mod, this should automatically shuffle your loaded order to satisfy load order specifications. Still, you can also edit it individually on the “load order” tab. Then you’ll be not even limited to using it with Nexus mods anymore. I had to import one for Fallout 3 through Google Docs, but it was ready to go since it was a known form of a file.


Thus the problem of the Skse64 launcher or loader not working is very frustrating because it does not encourage you to play games until the problem is solved. To solve the problem as quickly as possible, pursue the above-discussed solutions & proceed with your Skyrim adventure. These corrections are rapid and fast, so you’d have no problem enforcing them.


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