Energy Efficiency With Home Renovation

Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency With Home Renovation

The waste of resources necessary for the proper functioning of a home has a strong environmental impact, as well as an economic impact on the owner’s pocket. If you want to avoid disproportionate energy expenditure, take note of how to improve the energy efficiency of a home with some simple tricks.

To answer the question of how to save energy, you will only have to take into account some guidelines to apply to your daily habits.

Window insulation

According to Cambridge renovations experts, the most important part of not wasting energy is making sure that there are no leaks in the windows or other places in the house.

Insulation is the key to savings, and it must be adequate in both the windows and the walls. If there are drafts inside the home, you may have to change the windows to start saving.



Another of the elements that is spent the most on is lighting. To avoid this, it is best to opt for low-consumption bulbs or LED lights, which a priori involve a higher cost, but which will save on electricity consumption in the medium and long term.


Electric appliances

A bad habit in daily habits is to leave electrical appliances connected to the network while they are not in use. Even in stand-by mode, these devices are wasting electricity, consuming 5% of the home’s total energy.


Use low-consumption appliances

Older appliances use much more energy than new ones. Among the most current, opt for the change to low-consumption labels, which will save you up to 70% energy, which will translate directly into your pocket.


Use of heating

You should also learn to use the heating only when needed and with certain rules. Avoid setting the heating to high temperatures and ending up opening the windows, always maintain a pleasant, medium temperature.

In addition, it is advisable to opt for natural gas as a fuel, which is the most efficient for heating.


Natural resources

Whenever you can, use nature before using other energies. Ventilate daily to maintain a good temperature, and let in natural light instead of turning on the artificial light switch. They will all be advantages for you and the planet.



Awareness about the good use of water does not have so many benefits on an economic level, but it does have benefits on an environmental level. Water is a good that tends to become scarcer with climate change, so we must take care of it now.



As in the case of water, recycling is more about helping the planet, which can have long-term benefits for the economy due to the lower cost of producing recycled items. Don’t hesitate, recycling is an action that costs nothing but can give a lot.

Of course, improving the energy efficiency of a house also involves its renovation. Old buildings have a much more difficult time being efficient.

If this is your case, you can carry out a renovation and tune-up of your house, so you will see how energy efficiency improves as well as your economy. Contact The Renovators of Canada and get the best renovation services in all Greater Toronto Areas (GTA).


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