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Top 4 Rack Servers That Can Handle Heavy Workloads in Your Company

Rack servers offer unparalleled value and flexibility. You can achieve industry-leading efficiency with these servers to help you handle heavy workloads.

Rack servers store and organize critical IT systems that can be configured to support a wide range of requirements. Also known as rack server cabinets, they are enclosed to provide businesses with advanced security features.

Choose from multiple rack server models available in the market and choose the best one based on its capabilities. Let’s take a look at the top models.

ThinkSystem SR250 V2 Rack Server:

A powerful 3u server that can smoothly meet the latest IT demands. His single-socket 1U rack server smoothly adapts to the growing needs of modern businesses. Provides power, reliability, and flexibility in space-constrained installations.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250 provides businesses superior features and advanced security without sacrificing performance. Featuring a single processor in a compact 1U form factor, this rack server is ideal for meeting the needs of today’s growing businesses.

Thanks to next-generation Intel core processors, experience superior graphics delivery compared to the previous generation.

ThinkSystem offers flexibility in various configurations with TruDDR4 memory, GPU support, and rich storage options. This server suits IT infrastructure, web services, virtualization, and edge applications.

This server provides enterprise 8-core level performance using less than 95W of CPU. Shorter depth racks also support space-constrained environments such as small businesses, remote/branch offices, and edge applications.

If you need a small footprint to handle heavy workloads, the ThinkSystem SR250 is perfect.

Main features:

  • Offers Intel Xeon® E-2300 processors with up to 8 cores (95W).
  • This server offers up to 128GB of TruDDR4 memory (3200MH).
  • Supports flexible storage with simple swap NVMe (G4), 4x simple swap/hot swap 3.5 inches.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 Rack Server:

1U/1P rack server optimized for virtualization and SDI. The ThinkSystem SR635 features sixteen 2.5-inch hard drives that offer massive storage capacity. NVMe for OLTP, analytics, software-defined storage, and HPC storage and 60% more IOPS per server with 16 low-latency NVMe drives.

AMD EPYC™ 7002 Gen processors are ideal for addressing issues associated with high-density virtualization, hosting, and software-defined storage applications.

This 3u rack offers a 2% performance improvement over the previous generation and a 4x floating point processing power increase. The result is 65% better performance and 21% lower cost.

Lenovo provides world-class software-defined procedures combined with other industry-leading technologies. Thanks to Thinkshield and XClarity for providing data center lifecycle management.

This provides a cost-effective, reliable, and practical solution for medium-sized organizations. With the help of this server you can easily perform heavy-duty tasks such as gaming, video editing, designing and so on.

Main features:

  • Offers a room of 1x AMD EPYC™ 7002/7003 series processor (select up to 280W)
  • Memory capacities range up to 2TB (16 DDR4 memory slots, 128GB 3DS RDIMM), 1DPC (3200MHz), and 2DPC (2933MHz).
  • This server has an OCP3.0 mezzanine adapter a PCIe adapter network interface.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 V2 Rack Server:

Specifically designed to handle business-critical versatility. ThinkSystem servers are versatile and reliable 1U 2P rack servers for hybrid data center workloads.

This server provides a cost-effective IT solution that has been designed, tested, and certified. ThinkSystem provides end-to-end peace of mind with industry-leading x86 server technology and reliability.

ThinkSystem makes your business savvy with support for data analytics, hybrid cloud, and hyper-converged infrastructure. This server accelerates the pace of high-performance computing.

The Lenovo AnyBay industry-leading backplane design puts the choice in front of the user for drive interface types such as SAS drives, SATA drives, or U.2 and U.3 NVMe PCIe drives.

Main features:

  • Get up to the capacity of 3rd generation Intel Core processors.
  • Supports Intel Optane memory technology.
  • This provides dual redundant power supplies.

ThinkSystem SR645 V3 Rack Server:

The versatile 1U server is specifically designed to handle complex workloads. Get maximum core density and faster Pcle memory with the help of 4th-generation AMD processors.

This server has the memory power and bandwidth to support virtualization, data analytics, graphics-intensive workloads, and more. ThinkSystem SR645 is specially designed for the discretion of compact size, mounting options, and whisper-quiet operations.

ThinkShield gives you more security than you expected.

Main features:

  • Equipped with a 4th generation AMD EPYC processor.
  • Supports Lenovo XClarity controller.
  • Comes with a PCle adapter.


In the ever-demanding world of modern business, having rack servers capable of handling heavy workloads is essential. These top four servers combine robust performance, scalability, and reliability to meet the most demanding tasks.

From data-intensive operations to virtualization needs, these 3u servers ensure that your IT infrastructure can seamlessly adapt and excel in the face of heavy workloads, driving productivity and efficiency.


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