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What are the advantages of sms marketing for education

89 percent of consumers want to transact business using chat.

Benefits & applications of bulk SMS to schools

SMS texting is quickly replacing email as the go-to marketing tool. Its immediate deliverability, high open and response rates, clear messaging, and general dependability are probably to blame for this. And it’s crucial that industries outside of marketing recognise the potential of SMS text messaging in today’s environment where everyone is tethered to their phones. 

The use of SMS can be quite advantageous in the educational sector, for instance. It’s a terrific method to establish connections with faculty, parents, and students. Here are a few strategies to use SMS if you work in the educational field.

SMS warnings for severe weather

Particularly in regions with harsh weather, this is beneficial. Travel can be impacted by the weather, which might result in closures and cancellations. Parents and students frequently are unaware of these changes until the very last minute or until they arrive on the school grounds. That is a significant amount of squandered resources, which can worry parents of young children. 

SMS messaging can help with this by instantly informing parents and kids of any delays, cancellations, or closures so they have plenty of time to make other plans.

Parent-teacher conferences

Since most parents have incredibly busy schedules, it might be simple for them to overlook meetings or crucial school dates, especially if they’ve only received written or electronic notice of the activities. Parents can get timely, polite reminders about forthcoming parent-teacher conferences by using text messaging. And that is advantageous for the pupils’ growth in turn.

Reminders for exams

To remind students of exam dates, places, and even exam topics during exam season, employ bulk SMS texts. It’s also a wonderful method to let students know about any last-minute adjustments to the exam schedule or give them the opportunity to ask questions if they have any doubts.

Recruiting new students

A recruitment effort for new students can be launched using an SMS campaign. Reminding prospective students and their parents through text messages about open houses or application deadlines can greatly increase the likelihood that they will submit an application. Additionally, schools can transmit material links to extracurricular activities or course descriptions.

The undeclared student list at Sonoma State University in California, for instance, received announcements about future workshops and courses that would provide prospective students with further information about majors and career alternatives. It produced remarkably positive outcomes.

Messages of urgency

We’ve already mentioned how busy parents are. When trying to contact them, this could be an issue. And occasionally, circumstances arise that call for rapid action, such as when a child becomes ill, has to be picked up, is in an accident, or needs to be disciplined right away. An SMS alert is much more likely to be received positively by parents than a phone call. It implies that you can easily and swiftly get in touch with them. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to tell if they have read or have not received the message, which is impossible if you leave a voicemail. Additionally, it gives parents peace of mind.It avoids that terrifying missed call that makes parents worry the worst. The full story of any situation, including its gravity, can be contained in an SMS.

Employee contact

Additionally, SMS messaging can be utilized to communicate with personnel. A brief text can inform them of impending activities or be used to quickly cover staff absences. It goes without saying that it’s crucial for educational institutions to keep good ties with their personnel because this directly impacts the standard of services they offer to students. Keeping employees informed through SMS is likely to boost their morale.

The best way to draw and keep parents and students to university, college, and school campuses is unquestionably through SMS gateway. Everyone benefits from the clarity it brings, and it ultimately improves the effectiveness of the learning environment. Get in touch with us right now to find out how much a bulk SMS platform can help your staff, students, and parents.


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