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What Are the Types Of Shipping Services At Auto Transport Auctions?

Auto transport auctions frequently use different shipping services, such as open and enclosed carriers, to transport vehicles efficiently and cost-effectively. These auctions connect shippers and transporters through competitive bidding processes.

Types of Shipping Services for Auto Transport Auction

Open Carrier Shipping

Open carrier shipping is a widely utilized method in auction vehicle transport. This service involves loading vehicles onto an open-air trailer with multiple levels for placing the cars. Open carriers are a cost-effective option that can transport various vehicles simultaneously, making them popular for individual sellers and dealerships. However, the open design of these carriers leaves cars vulnerable to external elements such as weather conditions, dust, and debris while being transported.

Enclosed carrier shipping:

Enclosed carrier shipping provides superior protection for vehicles compared to open carriers. This method loads cars into enclosed trailers with walls and a roof. This protects from the elements and potential road debris. Enclosed carriers are popular for transporting luxury and high-value vehicles and classic cars. These carriers are designed to address owners’ concerns about preserving their vehicle’s condition.

Door to Door Shipping

Door to door shipping is convenient for picking up and delivering a vehicle directly to the specified addresses. This service eliminates the need for vehicle owners to personally transport their cars to a terminal or arrange a meeting with the carrier at a specific location. Many people prefer it due to its convenience and time-saving benefits, mainly when dealing with residential addresses or busy schedules.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

Terminal to terminal shipping is where the vehicle is delivered and collected at specific terminals or depots. This option is typically more cost-effective than door to door shipping, but it may require vehicle owners to arrange transportation to and from the terminals. This option can be a viable choice for individuals seeking to reduce shipping expenses and are open to handling the transportation logistics of their vehicle to and from the terminals.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is a premium service that guarantees quicker delivery of your vehicle. If you require expedited car transportation, an option is available at an extra cost. Expedited services prioritize your shipment, which helps to reduce transit times. These services are particularly beneficial when time is crucial, such as last-minute moves or urgent vehicle deliveries.

Multiple Vehicle Transport

Auto transport auction frequently involve the simultaneous shipment of multiple vehicles. Carriers specializing in numerous vehicles can load and transport various cars on a single trailer. Transporting multiple vehicles simultaneously can be cost-effective for dealerships, wholesalers, or individuals.

Specialization in Vehicle Type

Certain transportation companies have expertise in transporting specific types of vehicles, including motorcycles, recreational vehicles (RVs), and oversized vehicles. Auto transport auction provide a platform for buyers and sellers to connect with carriers with expertise in handling their particular type of vehicle.

Shipping Non Running Vehicles

Not all vehicles available in auto transport auction are in working condition. Certain situations may necessitate unique handling methods, such as winching or flatbed transport.

Insurance Options

Buyers and sellers are frequently presented with various insurance options to safeguard their vehicles during transportation. This may encompass both standard coverage and supplementary coverage options for vehicles of high value.


Auto transport auction provides a comprehensive selection of shipping services to accommodate the varied requirements of individuals buying and selling vehicles. If you require affordable open carrier shipping, enhanced protection through enclosed carriers, or specialized services for non running vehicles, various shipping options are available to accommodate your specific needs. A comprehensive understanding of the multiple types of shipping services can significantly assist you in making well-informed decisions when engaging in auto transport auctions, guaranteeing your vehicles’ secure and efficient transportation.


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